Staff and Board of Directors

GPDM staff includes:


  Cary Woodruff - Director of Paleontology

Cary grew up in rural central Virginia, and received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Earth Sciences with an emphasis in Paleontology at Montana State University under famed dinosaur paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner. Currently, during the off season, Cary is pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Toronto under Dr. David Evans. Cary has had several published papers ranging from the first burrowing dinosaur (Oryctodromeus cubicularis), to modern bovine vertebral anatomy, to fossil manatees in ancient Egyptian catacombs; yet the majority and his area of specialization are dedicated to sauropod dinosaur biomechanics and growth. Cary described and named a new sauropod dinosaur from Montana (Rugocaudia cooneyi), and his work on deciphering sauropod growth is pioneering the way we understand the life histories of these gigantic animals. Cary is excited to be apart of the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum team, and he hopes to study these wonderful fossils and show off the amazing treasures that Malta has to offer.


Dixie Stordahl - General Administrator & Merchandising

Dixie is a lifelong Phillips County resident and educator.  As a science teacher, Dixie is passionate about dinosaurs and commits many of her off school hours to the museum.  Dixie is an expert in all aspects of the museum and programs along with being an excellent guide.

DollyAnn Willcutt - K-12 Programming & Guest Relations

DollyAnn is an experienced administrator of nonprofit organizations. She serves the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum as general administrator and our K-12 education programmer. She brings professional expertise along with a great sense of humor.

Volunteer Judith River Foundation Board members include:

2019: Damien Austin, Lu Besel, Anne Boothe, Mardy Demarais, David Rummell, and Dixie Stordahl.

Emeritus Board members: JoAnn Hammond, Sharon Icenogle, Jeanne Icenogle, Michael Morser, and Carolyn Schmoeckel.