Volunteering at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum

Operating such a unique museum in a sparsely populated area of Montana is challenging. The museum receives no government funding for its operating costs. Instead, it relies solely on funds generated by admissions, gift store sales, programs and memberships to meet its operating costs. Without volunteers, the museum would be limited in the programs and opportunities it offers.

The Great Plains Dinosaur Museum offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for all ages: educational programs for adults and children, fundraising events, fossil preparation, working in the gift store, or social media coordination. Volunteers also choose their own days and time. So, whatever you’d like to do and whenever you’d like to do it, the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum is grateful for your help!


2017 Internship Position

The Great Plains Dinosaur Museum & Field Station is pleased to announce our summer 2017 internship position. This internship is designed to gets hands on experience and learn what goes into the day-to-day operations and behind the scenes at a paleontology museum. You will get first-hand experience in fossil preparation, exhibit and media design, collections maintenance, outreach programs, and ongoing paleontological excavations. We welcome all applicants from every background, but the preferred candidate would be a student in paleontology/geology/biology/earth sciences who would genuinely benefit from this learning experience. For questions or comments please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Applications are due by March 17th.

Click here to view the internship application pdf