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405 North 1st St East | Malta, Montana (406) 654-5300

Join the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum for our roundtable discussion series with some of paleontology’s tops minds. See what questions our panelists ask when the tables are turned and they get to interview one another.

This series will be broadcast live on Zoom, and afterwards placed right here on the GPDM’s website and our Youtube page.

This series is completely free to watch and digitally attend. All you need to do is to download the free version of Zoom. (note: during the COVID-19 pandemic, the basic version of Zoom is 100% completely free, and there are no video time limits)

To register for this free event, click this link, and follow the instructions.

The videos of our three events are down below. Panelists for the first session were: Dr. Dave Hone (@Dave_Hone), Dr. Rodolfo Coria, Dr. Thomas Holtz (@TomHoltzPaleo), Dr. Holly Woodward-Ballard (@histo_holly), & Dr. Susannah Maidment (@Tweetisaurus). Panelists for the second event were: Dr. Paul Barrett (@NHMdinolab), Dr. Mary Schweitzer, Dr. Ken Lacovara (@kenlacovara), Dr. Phil Currie, and Dr. Kristi Curry-Rogers. Panelists for our third event were: Dr. Victoria Arbour (@VictoriaArbour), Dr. Thomas Carr (@TyrannosaurCarr), Dr. Win McLaughin (@Paleowin), and Dr. Matthew Lamanna.

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