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The Great Plains Dinosaur Museum (GPDM) is located in the rich land mass of Northern Montana where some the world’s most preeminent dinosaur fossils have been discovered.  A site and member of the Montana Dinosaur Trail, GPDM maintains permanent exhibits of dinosaurs and other prehistoric fossils to advance the visitors experience, allowing them to appreciate, enjoy and fully understand the rich prehistory  of this region.  The Museum also provides the rare opportunity for both youth and adults to explore, dig and excavate fossils with their staff and paleontologist partners in scheduled educational and dig programs.

The Great Plains Dinosaur Museum (GPDM) is governed and operated by volunteer board members of the Judith River Foundation, Inc.   The Foundation is an IRS exempt 510c3 non-profit corporation established in 2002.  The GPDM is not a municipal entity, is not affiliated with any higher education institutions, receives no general tax support, and is entirely self-funded through membership fees, admissions, dig and tour revenue and fundraising.

GPDM is guided by a mission to curate and prepare paleontological resources for use in educational programs, scientific research and interpretive displays in support of the advancement of knowledge and the benefit of all people.

405 North 1st St East | Malta, Montana (406) 654-5300 [email protected]

Below you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. But if you don’t see the answer to your question below, please email us at: [email protected], or call us at: (406) 654-5300.

Where are you located?

We’re located in the small, agricultural town of Malta. And just in case you were wondering, Malta, MONTANA. Not the Mediterranean island of Malta (but in the winters we sure do wish we were there!). Yes, people do ask us that…

Our physical address is 405 N 1st Ave E, Malta, MT 59538, USA

What are your most popular dinosaur?

All of our dinosaurs of popular! But we do have some pretty special ones. We have a growth series of the duck-billed dinosaur Brachylophosaurus, and one of our specimens named “Leonardo” is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most complete “mummy” dinosaur found to-date. Our stegosaur “Giffen” and our Camarasaurus “Ralph” are also pretty important because they were the first of their kinds of dinosaurs found in Montana. We also have some specimens that survived attacks from a meat-eating dinosaurs, and their bones preserve evidence of these ancient attacks!

Are you hiring?

Currently we are not hiring, but often in the summer season we need an extra pair of hands helping to run the front desk. And during the summer we do offer internships for college students to get experience in the day-to-day operations of a small, regional, natural history museum. For questions about staffing or our internships, please email us at: [email protected], or call us at: (406) 654-5300.

What is your admission charge?

  • Ages 13 and older: $5
  • Ages 6-12 years: $3
  • Children 5-years and younger: Free
  • Members & Active military families: Free
  • School and Group Tours: To schedule a school or group tour (a group is 7 adults or more), please call the museum at 406-654-5300, May-August; or call 406-654-1578, Sept-April. School and group discounted rates available.

Do you offer school or group tours?

We do! For more information or questions about tours, please email us at: [email protected], or call us at: (406) 654-5300.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved with the Museum at several levels. From volunteering, to program and event help, to become a member of our affiliated non-profit Board. To find out more, email us at: [email protected], or call us at: (406) 654-5300.

Can I sponsor the museum?

There are several levels of Museum support, including our Adopt-A-Shelf Program and Museum memberships. If you would like more information on either, or would like to discuss other options, please email us at: [email protected], or call us at: (406) 654-5300.

What are your hours of operation?

June, July, August, September: Open daily. Monday – Saturday 10am-5pm. Sunday 12:30pm-5pm. Open over Labor Day weekend.   ~Closed July 4th ~

October – April: Closed for winter; open by appointment only. Please call (406) 654-1578 or email [email protected] to arrange a tour during off-season; minimum tour size 5 adults.

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